Start reading at Home

It is crucial to have your children reading after they’ve learned to read. It is often seen that as soon as children have learned to read, they stop reading, they only read when there’s homework or they have to.

Know everything about Phonics: Top 10 quick phonics tips

Phonics is nothing but a system or a method that helps people read and write an alphabetic language like English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

Parents’ views on reading habit in children

Stories unite people. We might not remember dates, events, passwords, etc. but if someone ever told us an interesting story, we’ll always remember that. That is the power of stories. As a result, reading aloud to kids and telling them stories is a great way of keeping their attention, and inculcating the habit of self-reading in them.

How Children Learn to Read through Phonic Sounds

Learning to read is a visual process for mostly all and this is where it gets so interesting on how children learn to read! It is our common sense that tells us to recognize the alphabet and read by sight.

The 3 Key Ingredients for Beginning Word Acquisition

The word acquisition begins with the ability to understand the meaning of the word itself. Like our ChampCam – Ayesha, at the appropriate age of 4 years developed the ability to understand the oral language through sounds.

The Self-Teaching Theory of Phonics

The Self-Teaching Theory of Phonics Being parents, we start putting pressure on our 2 to 5 years old children before they are developmentally ready to read. In the love of seeing our children reading on their own, we often forget that we need to introduce the basics of reading to them. Phonics is the right

What we have learned so far in phonics?

Learn2Read believes in nurturing the children in the right way by teaching them to learn to read in their early childhood.

Why should parents use phonics for their tiny tots to help them read?

Phonics is an important tool for learning to read in any language that uses an alphabet to write down words.

Tips and tricks to develop letter knowledge in children

Letter knowledge is making our children know and recognise that the alphabets can look different, have particular names and pronunciation.

7 tips to make your child fond of reading

7 tips to make your child fond of reading Being parents, we often worry about how to make our children fond of reading. Research has shown that a child who reads in their early ages will do well in school. Reading at an early age is one of the strongest indicators of having a brighter