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A child who has learnt to read can teach himself/herself anything, which is an amazing skill for life. It's time for parents to give their kids the gift of READING at an early age with Learn2Read, an online phonics educational platform.

With our fun and interactive courses, we make sure that our phonics kids learn the right phonics concepts to read and their usage. We ensure that they learn the right words in the right way with the concepts of easy learning from letter sound with blending to improving their vocabulary and language skills. Sparkle your child's imagination and stimulate the hidden confidence with:

  • Correct Pronunciations
  • Spelling Rules
  • Improved Comprehension
  • Fluent Reading
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Unleash the genius within your child with our phonics curriculum

What Will Kids Learn To Read?

Learn2Read Make Kids Confident Readers of Tomorrow!

Our phonics experts provide the best way to teach children learn to read English phonics with the help of courses for every age group curated. The child friendly curriculum focuses on correct pronunciations, spelling skills, improved comprehension and fluent reading.

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What Will Kids Learn To Read?
What Will Kids Learn To Read?


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Our Parents Feedback

We take pride in the valuable feedback shared with us by the parents and guardians who trust us with their child’s present and future.

Easy Pace of Learning Where Children Never Gets Exhausted

Our Fun Interactive Phonics Curriculum

Learn2Read believe that each child is gifted and with the right guidance and encouragement can achieve amazing feats. Our courses have been designed by phonics experts keeping in mind the needs and attention span of that age group and ensures that every child achieves that milestone before advancing forward.

Our curriculum is divided into the following 3 courses which caters to each age group and stage of learning:

Junior Reader

Junior Reader

2.5 Month Course Duration
30 Classes
3 Classes/Week
3-4 Kids per Batch

Phonics For Kids between 3.5 - 4 Years
Active Reader

Active Reader

5 Month Course Duration
60 Classes
3 Classes/Week
4 Kids per Batch

Phonics For Kids between 4 - 5 Years
Power Reader

Power Reader

4 Month Course Duration
52 Classes
3 Classes/Week
4-5 Kids per Batch

Phonics For Kids between 5 - 7 Years
Learn To Read Phonics for Young Readers of Tomorrow

Words of Wisdom

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Phonics is a fun and child centered approach to teaching languages like English through the phonics sounds, letter recognition, tricky words, spelling, pronunciation, tricky words, read and comprehend, blending and segmentation of the letters.

We introduce early learners to 42 letter sounds parallel to their learning of the 26 alphabets in the English language. This makes it much easier and faster for the young minds to identify each letter and sharpen their word building techniques.

Learn2Read will make reading easy for children and make them
"Young Readers Of Tomorrow At An Early Age"


Our Super Phonics Teachers

Learn2Read curriculums can bring a super exciting experience of learning for kids!

Our super phonics teachers and professionals will help your child to learn and read better and quicker than the traditional ways of learning skills. Our innovative and fun techniques will stimulate their inquisitive mind and help them learn the language faster than their peers.

All of our phonics teaching members pose:
  • Experience in Early Education
  • Passion for Teaching
  • Undergoes L2R 10 Days Teacher's Training
  • Expertise with Young Phonics Kids
  • Skills for Online Teaching Technology
Become L2R Super Teacher
Our Super Phonics Teachers L2R Super Teachers
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