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The Power Readers’ Course has been specially curated by teaching professionals & phonics experts for the needs of advanced learners in the age group of 5 to 7 years. Kids at this stage have become comfortable with the basics of the English language like the letters and its phonics sounds and will move on to reading, writing, comprehending stories and books. Introducing their agile minds to a kids friendly course will mentally stimulate and challenge them, and will help to build a strong foundation of the language through which they can conquer the tricky parts of learning a language. Such courses also enhance their retention and memory power. The course is for 18 weeks with a total of 56 classes divided into 3 classes per week. A batch will consist of only 3-4 kids at a time so that each child can be given personal attention. He/she will be able to read independently and understand the context and lesson imbibed in the stories. Children will continue their love for reading and will also be able to form their own stories and share them with their friends and peers. This will improve the child's concentration, spark their imagination and boost their confidence.


Kids enrolling into this course are already aware of the basic phonic sounds and can comfortably read and write 3-4 letters. They are now ready to take the next step to move to the advanced stage of phonics which will help them in:

  • Reading Upto 10 letter words
  • Building Spellings for upto 8 to 10 letter words independently
  • Reading the words with the correct pronunciation
  • Increasing their comprehension skills and develop vocabulary
  • Reading age appropriate story books independently

    The Power Readers Phonics Course is formulated by learn2read phonics teaching professionals and experts to help your child learn to read fluently, speak with confidence and write well in a fun and interesting way.

    L2R Power Readers course will help your child:
  • Build a solid foundation of English language.
  • Develop the habit of reading from a young age.
  • Read independently and understand what the stories are trying to convey.
  • Start building child’s imaginations and stimulate curiosity.
  • Improves child's concentration and confidence.

    We help in teaching kids the right moral and ethical values besides their formal education. Children will start reading simple sentences and will start to love reading books. They will also be able to make up their own stories and share with their peers
  • Kids typically between the age of 5 to 7 years who can:

    •       Recognise lower and upper case letters
    •       Are thorough with the sounds of all 26 alphabet sounds
    •  Read and write upto 3-4 letter words comfortably with no help

    If the child can do all of the above but cannot read words which are 4 or more letters are perfectly suitable for this course.

    It is very important to expose children to any language early on as they are extremely agile and have an amazing power to retain and learn. Learning to read English through phonics has been scientifically proven to be the best way to teach kids to build a very strong foundation early on. Phonics helps them in developing phonological awareness which is the key to learning the language really early in a fun manner.  This also aids brain development and boosts their imagination and confidence among peers and teachers. 

    Phonics courses give children a head start before their formal education begins. Schools  have many children and teachers may not be able to give personal attention to each child at their own pace. Our age appropriate courses help children perfect their basics of the language with personal attention and at their own pace and then start reading and writing on their own. This means that you can focus on spending quality time with them and do fun activities together and deepen your bond and love.

    Yes, taking a demo class is advisable before enrolling for the course. There are 3 reasons for it

    1. It gives you a good idea of how the class is conducted and whether the child is interested in it.
    2. It gives us an opportunity to assess the child’s level and recommend the most suitable course to start with.
    3. You get to clear any doubts that you may have about the course, mode of teaching, curriculum etc.

    The course timings are flexible based on parents’ requirements. Please connect with one of our experts to book a slot.

    The Power readers course is designed for 56 sessions. We typically take 3 classes a week so it will take about 19 week to complete the course. 

    However, the classes are taken as per the child’s pace and the teachers will not rush just because we have to complete the course in the allocated time.. Hence, the duration of the course / total number of classes might change depending on the pace of the child or the group that the child is in.

    The course merges the science of sound and their production methods with lips & vocal cord movements. The acoustic characteristics and mixing of syllables along with other sound intonations are taught in the easiest way so that children learn faster and develop correct pronunciation. Then they develop reading and writing skills starting from simple sentences and understand tricky and sight words. They start to comprehend the stories and meanings behind them. The ratio of child to phonics experts is 1:4 so that each child can receive personal attention.

    We also pay one to one sessions to children based on the requirements. Our phonics teachers to students ratio is kept in a close group to pay more attention and better focus on our phonics kids.

    Yes, parents can choose time slots for Learn2Read Power course classes.

    We help and guide kids to the right direction and give more than 100% when it comes to making them understand and learn the concepts. Parents on the other hand play an equally important role in making sure that they revise what is done in the class, make sure that they read books to kids and make the child read everyday age appropriate books. This will help develop the habit of reading in a child from an early age.

    Yes, all our phonics sessions are recorded and will be available on Learn2Read portal which can be accessed by parents after the class.

    The course is for children who can understand and identify the words and their phonics sounds. The course aims to further build on that foundation by helping kids join words to form simple sentences and start reading them on their own with little assistance. It also helps them identify tricky words and sight words and use them in sentences. Our teachers will provide the best assistance to your kids who will be able to progress in the course at their own pace.

    Learn2Read Power Readers course will help your child who finds it difficult to read, learn and speak. With Learn 2 Read, reading will be made easy and your child will love to read age-friendly books. And even they will read independently new words, sentences and stories to you.

    We recognize the privacy interests of children and encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities and interests. However, we have all data security features available on our sites. For more details, check Learn2Read Privacy Policy.

    • For Age Group 5 to 7 years
    • Class
      60 Mins for 4:1
      30 Mins for 1:1
    • Classes per week 03
    • Total Classes 60
    • Batch Size 4 Kids
    • One-on-One Available
    • Sight Words Yes
    • Writing Activity Dictations
    • Cost per Class   Rs 250 for 4:1 & Rs 416 for 1:1

    Age group 5 to 7 years

    56 Total Classes

    Batch of 4-5 kids

    Experienced teachers

    Seamless online classes

    Certificate on completion



    Kids between 3.5 to 4 years


    Kids between 4 to 6 years


    Kids between 5 to 8 years