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The Chandrabindu Hindi Course - Level 2 has been specially curated by teaching professionals & experts for the needs of early hindi learners to kids familiar with letter in the age group of 4.5 to 5.5 years. The Chandrabindu Level 2 Course was created by HINDI educators with over 15 years of experience teaching Hindi and developing interesting curricula for a variety of institutions. We have skilled and enthusiastic HIndi instructors who will assist your child learn to read fluently, talk confidently, and write well in a fun and engaging environment.


Here is what your child will learn in Hindi course Level 2
  • Revision of ALL 36 Vyanjans and 13 Swars with reading and writing
  • Recognition and reading of words with ALL 12 Matras
  • Reading age appropriate sentences and stories.
  • Focus on Pronunciation and spelling building
  • Reading and writing of upto 6 letter words with Matras
  • Hindi vocabulary building like names of Fruits, Vegetables, Animals etc
  • Other important concepts like Numbers, opposites, days, months, colors and many more.

    The Chandrabindu Level 2 Course is formulated by HINDI educators with more than 15 years of experience in teaching Hindi and building engaging curriculums for various institutions over the years. We have professional and passionate Hindi educators to help your child learn to read fluently, speak with confidence and write well in a fun and interesting way. Chandrabindu Level 2 course will help your child:
  • Build a solid foundation of Hindi language.
  • Read and write upto 6 letter words independently and understand the meaning of the words
  • Start building child's imaginations and stimulate curiosity.
  • Improve child's concentration and confidence.
  • We help in teaching kids the right moral and ethical values besides their formal education.
  • This is the course next to beginners course where we will focus on the basics of Hindi language starting with individual vyanjans moving to swars and simultaneously teaching them how to read and write simple words and sentences.

     This course is for kids between the age group of 4.5 to 5.5 years. Kids can be from native and non native hindi speaking backgrounds. Hence, if you are looking to teach Hindi from the beginning then this is the right curse for your child.

    It is very important to expose children to any language early on as they are extremely agile and have an amazing power to retain and learn. Learning to read and write Hindi through our scientifically designed curriculum is the best way to teach kids to build a very strong foundation early on. It will help them in developing phonological awareness which is the key to learning the language really early in a fun manner. This also aids brain development and boosts their imagination and confidence among peers and teachers.  

    Yes, taking a demo class is advisable before enrolling for the course. There are 3 reasons for it

    1. It gives you a good idea of how the class is conducted and whether the child is interested in it.
    2. It gives us an opportunity to assess the child’s level and recommend the most suitable course to start with.
    3. You get to clear any doubts that you may have about the course, mode of teaching, curriculum etc. 

      We have new batches starting every week. The course timings are flexible based on your requirements. Please connect with one of our experts to book a slot for the FREE trial class.

      Yes, parents can choose time slots as per their convenience for CHANDRABINDU HINDI LEVEL 2 classes.

      For the Hindi Level 2 course parents don’t necessarily have to sit with the child during the class. The class reports and the recordings of the class are available on our portal for the parent to see what was covered in the class on a particular day. However we recommend that the parents sit with the child as they will also be able to see how we teach the kids and can replicate the same at home to practice with the child.

      It is a great practice from the parents’ side to make the child practice at home on a regular basis so that the whole learning experience is enhanced for the child.

      Yes, all our sessions are recorded and will be available on Learn2Read portal which can be accessed by parents after the class.

      We recognize the privacy interests of children and encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities and interests. However, we have all data security features available on our sites. For more details, check Learn2Read Privacy Policy.

      • For Age Group 5 to 7 years
      • Class
        60 Mins for 4:1
        30 Mins for 1:1
      • Classes per week 03
      • Total Classes 60
      • Batch Size 3 - 4 Kids
      • One-on-One Available
      • Writing Activity Yes
      • Cost per Class   Rs 250 for 4:1 & Rs 416 for 1:1

      Age group 4.5 to 5.5 years

      48 Total Classes

      Batch of 3-4 kids

      Experienced teachers

      Seamless online classes

      Certificate on completion



      Kids between 3.5 to 4 years


      Kids between 4 to 6 years


      Kids between 5 to 8 years