How can you help your child achieve reading milestones at an appropriate age?

How can you help your child achieve reading milestones at an appropriate age?

Help your child experience the use and understanding of groundbreaking and unconventional methods of reading. When you provide greater exposure to your child by making them learn to read using phonics, they will grow up to make more independent reading choices.

Expose your children of ages between three and seven years to different types of activities such as:

  1. Access to different types of books – nursery rhymes, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, contemporary picture books, etc
  2. Play language games like I Spy where your child can spy on things of certain colors,  sounds or things that begin with a specific letter (use phonic sound).
  3. Pictorial games such as writing a simple grocery list with a little drawing next to each item in the list. This will help your child read the list and help you shop. 
  4. Storytelling is another important activity. Reading with/to your child, you’ll begin to notice that your child is learning the conventions of reading independently. 

Developing good reading habits from a young age helps your child enhance their creative thinking skills too. So, make sure that you are aware of these reading milestones and provide your child with the best experience and resources to help them achieve their reading milestones according to their age. 

You can also take the help of Learn2Read online classes that are designed to help children achieve their reading milestones.