Learn To Read the Signs Of Your Child As An Early Reader

Learn To Read the Signs Of Your Child As An Early Reader

As parents, it’s necessary that we identify the signs of an early reader in our children and praise their efforts when they are just beginning to read. Not just that, in the beginning of the learning stage, reading certain signs and tips should be followed to guide the children and better their reading process!

Identifying Reading Readiness Signs In Your Child:

  • Showing an interest in words and letters
  • Trying to identify alphabetical letters by pointing that them
  • Trying to speak or pronounce the words by looking at the letters of words

If your child shows these signs, enroll them in an online phonics course. The phonics course will develop phonological awareness in your child. This will create awareness of:

  1. Sound structure of words
  2. Rhyming of simple words
  3. Clap syllables
  4. Identifying beginning and ending sound in a word

Your little one may learn to read soon depending on their level of reading readiness. In the meantime, encourage them to experience the miracle of books and reading, through regular reading time. When children begin to read, they try hard to find out the words that they are comfortable with and can read. Parents should encourage this behaviour of the children and help them find more such words to read out loud.

Things to remember, when reading with the children:

  1. Point the words. It is always advisable to point to the words that are being read, children will follow this for a while and will build a better concentration while reading.
  2. Let the children read for themselves. Don’t rush to complete all the words for them. Beginner readers can be slow, patience is the key.
  3. Encourage sound identification. If the children are stuck on a particular word, ask them to identify sounds of the alphabet, one-by-one. Of course, in case of difficult words with no or less sound in the beginning, give them the word.
  4. Make sure to revisit the story after it is already read. Maybe re-read favorite parts of the story to the children.
  5. Be proud of them. Let your children know that they did a really good job, and reward them with new books - encouraging them to read more.

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