The Self-Teaching Theory of Phonics
The Self-Teaching Theory of Phonics

Being parents, we start putting pressure on our 2 to 5 years old children before they are developmentally ready to read. In the love of seeing our children reading on their own, we often forget that we need to introduce the basics of reading to them. Phonics is the right teaching technique to introduce to our children to learn to read. The self-teaching approach of phonics at home often creates a gap between making your child enroll in some age-based phonics course and the theories of phonics.

Due to this gap, we need to think twice about how we want our children to learn to read in the best manner. For young preschoolers, we should not ignore the foundation steps which begin with the theory of reading in an easy and fun way.  Many local schools and often parents are following the outdated methods to teach phonics which Gen A is not able to catch and it becomes harder for them to learn to read.

Hence, it suggested that phonics experts do their work in the best manner. Our super phonics experts and teachers will guide your child to learn to read fluently on their own in a better and quicker way. Our curriculum is designed and structured by our phonics experts in a fun and playful way which will develop the love for reading in them. Also, our innovative techniques of teaching phonics will help the kids to learn faster. In our teaching approach, we help children to make them familiar with –

  •        Letter recognition
  •        Phonics sounds
  •        Blending of 
  •        Segmenting
  •        Tricky words
  •        Spelling rules
  •        Spelling the words
  •        Pronunciation rules
  •        Correct pronunciation
  •        Improve comprehension
  •        Fluent reading

Since the home is the second name of the school, it’s our duty as a parent to help and support our children by helping them stay focused on learning. Parents should have a child-centric and motivating approach towards their children to assist the learning sequences at home. This is a self-approach of teaching phonics at home for parents. At times, the innocent questions from children can be confusing for parents which is why you should choose the best phonics course.

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