Developing letter knowledge in your child in early childhood

Developing letter knowledge in your child in early childhood

Introducing children to letters in their early childhood plays a vital role. Letter knowledge is the first milestone of the reading path. Developing letter knowledge in early childhood helps them learn to read quicker than other kids of their age. A child will be able to recognize all the letters of the alphabet, both in capital and lowercase letter form. They will already know the name of the letters and their pronunciation.

Letter knowledge is described as identifying the letters of the alphabet, knowing the letter names and how to pronounce the letters. Children usually get exposed to letters through their activities such as playing with alphabet shapes, starting to notice letters in books, trying to speak the letters and through montessori learning toys. Gifting montessori toys to your one or two years old children will encourage them to learn to read about the letters of the alphabet and make them pre-phonics ready.

Letter knowledge will help them understand:

  1. The formation of letters in capital case and lower case of alphabets. Example – a capital case of “H” looks different from a lower case of the same letter “h”
  2. Although the letters look different depending upon the formation (capital case or lowercase) of alphabets, the sound of the letters will remain the same. Example – Both “A” and “a” sounds the same ie. “ay”
  3. The font type will change the style of writing a letter but the letter will remain the same with the same pronunciation. Example – writing a letter in the single break style or cursive style
  4. Trying to identify and say the letters which are used to represent sounds (phonemes) in words. Example – some letters make the same sound like “c” and “k”

Teaching all the 26 alphabet letters in both uppercase and lowercase letters and the ways to pronounce the letters with their specific sounds is a bit difficult for parents. But our online phonics course which is age appropriate will make it easier for you and exciting for your kids. Our Junior Reader phonics course will set a strong foundation of learning basics like letter knowledge through the help of our super-teachers and phonics experts. Take the free phonics demo class and let your child have the pre-phonics skill developed in their early age.

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