How Children Learn to Read through Phonic Sounds

How Children Learn to Read through Phonic Sounds

Learning to read is a visual process for mostly all and this is where it gets so interesting on how children learn to read! It is our common sense that tells us to recognize the alphabet and read by sight. Now you must be thinking that common sense is absent in children at an early age. 

Well, it is partially true. By the age of 7 years, a child starts developing common sense and slight maturity. But for young readers, especially those below 6 years, the process of learning to read is different. They go through the process of the phonological system. Since the young brains of early readers react and observe sounds around them with visuals, they learn to read faster. The process of converting the visuals of letters into sounds, recognizing alphabets, and blending them together to form a word happens rapidly at an early age if given the right guidance. 

How does the brain learn to read words?

As parents we all begin to teach our children to speak words and then start reading at an early age. It is far better if we do this in a proper way, which can be with the use of phonics. Phonics classes help children to identify sounds, which helps them read efficiently and accurately at an age earlier than children without phonetic knowledge usually do. With phonetic understanding, children can grasp the words effectively, which not only helps with spelling the words more correctly, but also helps in becoming an efficient and fluent reader.

Let’s see how our 4 years old ChampCam, Omyesha, went from not wanting to read a single word to “Ma’am I will read all the words first, before my friends.

When readers like Omyesha listen to the sounds of words, they grasp quickly and their brains start developing. Omyesha’s parents enrolled her in our phonics course right at the age of four years and this helped her to start reading at an early age and be ahead of her friends. 

Phonics helps children identify and differentiate sounds, which in turn helps them from correct spellings of the words as well as learn their proper pronunciation. Read our next blog to know what are the 3 key secret ingredients that will help your child to begin with word acquisition. 

It’s never too late to help your child get into the age-appropriate phonics course where they can learn to read.

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