Parental Guide on Helping Your Child Achieve Reading Milestone

Parental Guide on Helping Your Child Achieve Reading Milestone

As parents, we are the first teachers for our children, and we want them to learn to read in their early ages. But we forget that growing children go through different stages of learning and reading milestones. Learning and reading process is highly individual and varies from child to child.

Learning to read and recognizing letters at an appropriate age is like magic. The power to read at an early age will expand the intellectual horizons of children. Setting a milestone for your children to track their reading progress is the correct approach for parents. 

But it’s also really important for parents to instil a reading habit in their children by encouraging them to learn to read at an early age. This will ignite their imaginations in their childhood and will make them rational thinkers and confident leaders of tomorrow. 

 Here are some reading milestones to put your mind at ease, and guidelines for helping your kids learn to read. 

Early Preschool (Age 3-4 years)

Kids usually begin to:

  1. Explore and choose books willingly and independently
  2. Love to listen to stories which spark their imagination
  3. Tell a story after it is read to them
  4. Identify and learn the alphabets
  5. Learn to hold a pencil and write by making symbols similar to alphabets
  6. Start recognizing their name initials
  7. Learn the difference between drawing and writing
  8. Imitate reading

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Late Preschool (Age 4-5.5 years)

Kids usually begin to:

  1. Recognize pictorial representation of signs and symbols
  2. Recognize rhyming words
  3. Name some or all letters of the alphabet
  4. Recognize their names
  5. Write their names
  6. Recognizing sounds of syllables and words
  7. Match letters to sounds
  8. Recite rhyming words
  9. Understand that print is read from left to right, top to bottom
  10. Remember and recite stories that they have once read or heard

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First/Second Grader (Age 5.5-7 years)

Kids usually begin to:

  1. Match the written and spoken words
  2. Writing letters, numbers, and even words
  3. Identify sounds of different syllables in a word
  4. Understand definitions of words and usage of words
  5. Write with proper logic, i.e., a beginning, a middle, and an end
  6. Use punctuation while writing
  7. Figuring out unfamiliar words and pronouncing them
  8. Analyse and correct their mistakes while reading out
  9. Identify, remember, and read stories that are familiar to them
  10. Story building by their understanding
  11. Comprehend stories through drawings

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