Playing to learn

Playing to Learn

“Play is our favorite way of learning” is rightly quoted by Diane Ackerman in the case of children in their early ages. We, being parents, should not stop our kids from playing as it gives meaning to their growth. We all know the bigger picture of learning through playing is simply because our children like it. But the actual reasons why we should introduce playing as a technique to make them learn to read are as below:

  1. Allows children to use their creativity while developing their imaginations
  2. In the early age of children, it’s always suggested to make them think in a playful manner. Brain games for children will make them more intellectual and smarter than other children of their age.
  3. Allow them to play with their neighborhood friends and engage with them through interactive games. This will open doors to learning from others and their friends.
  4. Role plays can make children conquer their fears and become emotionally strong
  5. Playing physical games can bring strength to their bodies and make them more active in their early ages

We take playing as a frisky pastime for our children to make them engage. But we always tend to forget that playing is not just an engaging activity for our kids, it’s a learning process. Especially these days it’s better for our children to play indoors and keeping them engaged inside the home is a tough task. But don’t worry, we, Learn2Read, are here to nurture your child by introducing phonics through online classes which they can’t stop thinking about. We see playing as a technique to make children learn phonics as per their age in a fun way.

Our age-appropriate phonics courses will expose your child to speaking and listening skills along with a huge vocabulary knowledge. This will develop a phonological awareness and phonics pre-skills base in your child’s early age. So, it’s very important to encourage your child to play the right game and engage in activities which will make them a better reader for tomorrow.

By any chance if your child is not fond of playing games, you should introduce them to games at the right age. Otherwise, they may struggle in learning to read and write in their upcoming school days.

So, it’s high time to develop these skills as playing is not all about having fun. It’s learning and having fun.

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