Tips and tricks to develop letter knowledge in children

Letter knowledge is making our children know and recognise that the alphabets can look different, have particular names and pronunciation.

7 tips to make your child fond of reading

7 tips to make your child fond of reading Being parents, we often worry about how to make our children fond of reading. Research has shown that a child who reads in their early ages will do well in school. Reading at an early age is one of the strongest indicators of having a brighter

Developing letter knowledge in your child in early childhood

Developing letter knowledge in your child in early childhood Introducing children to letters in their early childhood plays a vital role. Letter knowledge is the first milestone of the reading path. Developing letter knowledge in early childhood helps them learn to read quicker than other kids of their age. A child will be able to

Playing to learn

Playing to Learn “Play is our favorite way of learning” is rightly quoted by Diane Ackerman in the case of children in their early ages. We, being parents, should not stop our kids from playing as it gives meaning to their growth. We all know the bigger picture of learning through playing is simply because

Online Phonics Awareness


Introducing phonics at the right age to your child will help in inculcating the right habits and skills at an in the early age. Phonics approach will help your child in fostering the reading and learning skills in a more effective manner than a whole language based approach.

How can you help your child achieve reading milestones at an appropriate age?

Help your child experience the use and understanding of groundbreaking and unconventional methods of reading. When you provide greater exposure to your child by making them learn to read using phonics, they will grow up to make more independent reading choices.

Parental guide to make kids read

Parental Guide on Helping Your Child Achieve Reading Milestone

As parents, we are the first teachers for our children, and we want them to learn to read in their early ages. But we forget that growing children go through different stages of learning and reading milestones. Learning and reading process is highly individual and varies from child to child.

Learn To Read the Signs Of Your Child As An Early Reader

As parents, it’s necessary that we identify the signs of an early readers in our children and praise their efforts when they are just beginning to read. Not just that, in the beginning of the learning stage, reading certain signs and tips should be followed to guide the children and better their reading process!

Learning Phonics In An Early Age

Learning Phonics In An Early Age with Learn2read Before diving into the importance of the subject, it is fairly crucial that we understand what Phonics actually means. What is Phonics? Phonics is a method of teaching to read by correlating sounds with symbols in an alphabetic writing system. With the use of Phonics – anyone,